Carol Letanneur

Passionate about photography from an early age , she purchases her first SLR film camera at the age of 14 . This becomes her third eye.

Following an overwhelming need for expression and freedom, in 2010 she joined a training course in photography from which she graduated . 

Her  approach evolves mainly around the nudes and portraits , playing willingly with the natural light reflected on the body and the skin, she has a particular interest in the substance, shapes and curves.

In search of authenticity , she waits for her models to reveal, freely and openly their moment of truth .

photography body skin black and white


The link between self  identity and otherness the body as a territory for exploration is at the heart of my photographic work.

Through my various series, I try to explore the notion of identity in its plurality (individual identity, collective, sexual …), an experiment according to Erik Erikson’s theory (psychoanalyst) the relationship between identity and otherness as inextricably linked to one another.

Each exists only when compared with the other, as opposed to another. In philosophy otherness is a concept that means “the character, the quality of what is other.”

In my images, to obtain an identity, the strength, the power, the fusion of two elements is essential. Sometimes it is 2 bodies whose borders are undefined, they melt and merge to obtain an emotional unit: two bodies becoming one.

When the subject poses alone, otherness can then be viewed from another perspective, that of the opposition of the subject (I, me) to another, “I” that is differentiated from “me.” The time factor playing an essential role. As time passes otherness increases.        By the metamorphosis of the body, the “I” becomes “other”: I am not the person that I was.

Our society is constantly
pushing the boundaries of these physical changes through the intervention of cosmetic surgery while these natural changes due to physical or moral transformations are shaping the identity of
the human being by evolving his awareness of himself. 

As the other opposes the identity, the characteristics of my approach are part of the duality : youth / old age, life / death, temporality, timelessness …

By detaching and extracting my model from his environment, I make all signs of belonging to a social class disappear whether, cultural or religious … as well as any reference to the period to
which he belongs.

The naked body, almost monochrome, either in black and white or color, enables me to erase any notion of time.

Sometimes images without identity reflect the emotional
and intimate in which the viewer can identify themselves and thus relate to their own story.

A very refined work, without artifice, bathed in natural light, anchored in the reality of life. The faces and bodies appear in the full extent of their spectrum, from purity to the decline, of youth to senescence at a tempo that leaves its mark on all of us.

To begin with an aesthetic purity of form, an approach that is both classic by the use of natural light and contemporary in the borders and frontality shooting.

A natural exposure, the subject is free in his action, he chooses his area of movement following his own tempo. I’m not a spectator or an operator, I witness the moments of human intimacy.

The protagonist of this scene completely ignores my presence by immersing himself in his own experiments, in an
almost cathartic interpretation of his own body and the life he lived and reached.

The body which becomes portrait or territory, an endless exploration. A constant questioning of the relationship to the other, to ourselves and to the photographic image.

My work is meant to be an opening to the emotional universe, sensory, introspection and
revelation of ourselves through the other. This photograph wants to testify intimate moments that are often repressed in the unconscious and which we rarely remember as we grow up and old.

A desire to create and keep the memory of a lost carnality, a physicality of the immortality
of the emotional bond. It also demonstrates our quest for identity and the eternal question:
“Who am I?

©Carol LETANNEUR, tous droits réservés 2018 / Reproduction interdite